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Lighthouse InSight - Communal Heroism

Greetings everyone! I hope this spring is bringing you nice weather, budding flowers, and some level of optimism amid the craziness we’re all living. It turns out there is a limit to the number of video conferences and times you can wear your favorite comfy house pants before it’s time to get out and smell the flowers!

This month I’d like to recognize those individuals who are selflessly leading our communities through the COVID-19 pandemic by tirelessly committing their minds, bodies, and expertise to a collective response. Our first responders, clinicians, caretakers, and all other essential workers are the reason why we will make it through this crisis.

I would like to specifically thank the amazing Production and Operations staff here at Lighthouse for their commitment to uninterrupted manufacturing of essential medical devices needed to treat critically ill COVID-19 patients. This is communal heroism in action.

As a Contract Manufacturer of medical devices, Lighthouse Imaging provides medical device companies with the products they distribute and sell. One such device of is the King Vision™ aBlade™ video laryngoscope system, which we manufacture for Ambu. 

A laryngoscope is a medical device used to view and access parts of the throat, including the larynx. A specific type, the video laryngoscope, provides clinicians with a remote view of the anatomy they are accessing. This live-video view can be particularly helpful when it’s not possible to directly visualize the access path, or it’s exceptionally tortuous.

Video laryngoscopes can be used for multiple purposes, but of specific interest today is the (tracheal) intubation process in which an endotracheal tube is placed in the patient’s windpipe (trachea). This tube helps establish access and management of the patient’s airway, including connection to a ventilator.

A typical laryngoscope will feature a “blade”, which is used to position and displace anatomy in order to gain the desired access. The aBlade™ video laryngoscope features a disposable blade which is a significant factor in reducing cross-contamination between patients. It also allows for quick selection and implementation of numerous sized blades needed for a variety of patient sizes, from pediatric to adult.

By providing light, sight, and access, a video laryngoscope can facilitate quicker and more effective intubations, which are needed more than ever with the need for emergency ventilation due to emerging COVID-19 disease. I am proud of Lighthouse for being part of a solution, humbled by my colleagues who are showing great courage through action, and thankful for each and every one of you who are doing your part.

So, until we can resume a more normal existence, take a moment to dust off those jeans, lace up your shoes, and go out and smell the flowers… as long as you're practicing physical distancing, of course!

Lighthouse Imaging is on the forefront of the advancements in medical visualization, and we are passionate about enabling our clients to deliver world-class medical devices.  Through our turnkey solutions for medical optics and visualization, we strive to make the world a better, healthier place.  I am quite fortunate to be able to share my excitement and enthusiasm daily with the amazingly talented team here at Lighthouse Imaging; a world-leading provider of custom OEM solutions and contract manufacturing.



Be Well and Be Kind

Benjamin J. Gray

CTO – Lighthouse Imaging