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Lighthouse InSight - Why Consider Single-use Medical Devices?

Summer greetings to you! I hope you’re well and enjoying some well-deserved outdoors time. In this installment of Lighthouse InSight, I’m talking about single-use medical devices and why you may want to consider this approach… and a few reasons not...

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Lighthouse InSight - Communal Heroism

Greetings everyone! I hope this spring is bringing you nice weather, budding flowers, and some level of optimism amid the craziness we’re all living. It turns out there is a limit to the number of video conferences and times you can wear your...

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Understanding Single-Use Medical Devices

Critical considerations for medical device developers

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Lighthouse InSight - A Different View For Now

Greetings, friends and colleagues!

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Episode #11 Transcript: Informa Joins @ The Speed of Lighthouse

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Lighthouse InSight - Your Vision, Our Focus

Greetings everyone! Well, here we are once again… another new year full of opportunities, a renewed focus, and a silly new tagline. As we ring in 2020, I am declaring this the year of perfect (20/20) visualization. (And in my case, yet another year...

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Lighthouse InSight - A look at Arthroscopy

Greetings, Dear Readers, and welcome back to the Lighthouse InSight series!  This month we’re celebrating our second installment by taking it all the way back… all the way back in the alphabet that is. Because A is for Arthroscopy.

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Tech Company News Interviews Robert Austring, CEO

Industry publication, Tech Company News recently interviewed Lighthouse Imaging CEO, Robert Austring. Tech Company News is a daily source for consumer tech news from the most innovative tech companies in a vast array of industries, including...

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Lighthouse InSight - 2019 Annual Meeting of the ASSH

Greetings and welcome to the first of many postings in the mini series, Lighthouse InSight in which I’ll share details and insights to various topics related to the use of medical optics and visualization. I hope you find them as interesting and...

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Episode #10 Transcript: Device Options

Q - Justin Starbird: Something that's important to consider from all of the clients that we work with is, what are the options in devices, and how do clients evaluate hybrid systems, versus disposable versus reusable. As well as some of the...

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