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Episode #8 Transcript: Challenges of Disposable Devices in the OR

Q Justin: We have started to really dive into, I know, some of the nitty-gritty stuff from Lighthouse and talking about ways in which clients come to us and ask for solutions. On one of the recent episodes, we talked about single-use devices versus...

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Episode #6 Transcript: When Disposable is Best

Q Justin: One of the things that we keep talking about is, what's the best use case for our clients when it comes to medical devices? Is it disposable, is it reusable? One of the questions that I keep asking you and we continue to touch on is, when...

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Reusable versus Disposable - Which is Best?

Every product development process in the medical device industry is unique due to factors such as function, use, performance, and cost objectives. In some cases devices function stand-alone, while others are complementary to the primary device,...

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Episode #5 Transcript: Leveraging a Hybrid Endoscope Design

We've talked about the advantages of Lighthouse and some of the neat things that you go through to look at a holistic design when customization becomes important and the value that you're bringing to clients to help them evaluate the criteria that...

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Episode #4 Transcript: Customization Per Clinical Application

In the world of medical visualization, digital visualization, cameras, and endoscopes there are always going to be projects and opportunities for new products that come out to go to market that need something that's never been done before....

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Episode #3 Transcript: Holistic Design

Today, it's a fundamental topic that we're going to address. That is, the approach that you, the team and the company take to develop new products and technology for your clients. We're calling it a holistic design. Really, the holistic design is a...

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LHI Commercialization-Economics Challenge

Market Adoption and Product Evolution

Looking Beyond Development: The Importance of Market Adoption and Product Evolution As a product design and manufacturing company, it is vital to prepare for market adoption, consider the road ahead, and continuously manage the product evolution. It...

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