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The Economics of Product Commercialization

The Economics of Product Commercialization: Three Essential Steps When it comes to developing a product for commercialization, defining the economic targets at the onset is essential. A knowledgeable development partner will assist their client in...

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Episode #4 Transcript: Customization Per Clinical Application

In the world of medical visualization, digital visualization, cameras, and endoscopes there are always going to be projects and opportunities for new products that come out to go to market that need something that's never been done before....

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Reusable versus Disposable - Product Development

Every product development process is unique due to factors such as function, use, performance, and cost objectives. In some cases devices function stand-alone, while others are complementary to the primary device, impacting the way the development...

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Episode #3 Transcript: Holistic Design

Today, it's a fundamental topic that we're going to address. That is, the approach that you, the team and the company take to develop new products and technology for your clients. We're calling it a holistic design. Really, the holistic design is a...

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Episode #2 Transcript: Manufacturability & Targeted Costs

On this episode of At The Speed of Lighthouse we’re talking about the importance of actually determining what a price is and what factors influence the economics of a device that's under consideration for inception.

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Episode #1 Transcript: Compressing the timeline from Concept to Commercialization

Welcome back to the latest episode of The Speed of Lighthouse. My name is Justin Starbird, and today I will be joined by CEO of Lighthouse, Robert Austring. Today is exciting because we're talking about the concept of commercialization for new...

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OmniVision and Lighthouse Imaging Create World’s First Commercial Platform for 3D Endoscopic Devices

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Feb. 4, 2019 – OmniVision Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, and Lighthouse Imaging, a medical contract manufacturer and product development firm, today announced at the MD&M West...

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The Importance of the Plan

The Product Development Process: The Importance of the Plan “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately generate into hard work”, said Peter Drucker. The most successful product development firms realize that the planning stage is just...

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LHI Commercialization-Economics Challenge

Market Adoption and Product Evolution

Looking Beyond Development: The Importance of Market Adoption and Product Evolution As a product design and manufacturing company, it is vital to prepare for market adoption, consider the road ahead, and continuously manage the product evolution. It...

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